Meet our Team

Beth Manzanares, M.S., CCC-SLP

Beth Manzanares is the Founder and Executive Director of Gather and Grow Therapy Services and our sister organization, Inclusion on Purpose. She has been working in service of people with neurodevelopmental disabilities since 2009 and has intentionally cultivated expertise in autism and related neurodivergence. Her passion is teaming with and empowering people across the spectrum. 


As a speech-language pathologist, Beth understands the intricately woven relationship that binds communication, emotional regulation, sensory processing, and behavior. She uses systematic analysis and continuous assessment to uncover unique learning style. Treating symptoms is ineffective. Investigating and supporting root cause is life-changing.


Beth founded Gather and Grow Therapy Services as a passion project stemming from a gap in high-quality service delivery across the age span. Beth currently spends most of her time in operations, but most enjoys program development, adventure-based therapy, and providing education on topics of neurodivergence and the intersection of language processing and emotional regulation.  

As an avid outdoors enthusiast, Beth and her husband, Dillon, spend as much time in the mountains as possible. Beth finds that nature and movement are some of the best teachers and particularly enjoys the challenge and lessons taught by rock climbing. She also loves relaxing with her family, snuggling her pup, Winnie, and carving out time for play and laughter.

Experience and Training

  • Expertise in unique adolescent through adult issues with experience in middle, high school, and transition programs​

  • Specialized AAC training through the Children's Hospital of Colorado's Talking with Technology program

  • Project ASSET federal grant recipient with training in FGRBI

Sarah Randow, M.A., CCC-SLP

My enthusiasm for working with children with autism and different communicative needs began when I spent time volunteering in a kindergarten classroom as a teenager. After saying goodbye to my home in California, I moved to the Pacific Northwest to study psychology and work in research at the University of Washington Autism Center. My experience there led me to identify a true passion for communication, so I came to Colorado to obtain a master’s degree in speech and language pathology.


As a speech-language pathologist, I have experience supporting toddlers, children, and adolescents with communication needs in home, clinic, and school settings. To better serve my clients, I have completed advanced training in the Early Start Denver Model and PROMPT treatment methods. I regularly seek continued education opportunities in a variety of areas, including apraxia, stuttering, literacy, play, AAC, and family- and relationship-centered approaches. I strongly believe that the therapeutic approach should be individualized and collaborative. For me, it is crucial to consider the input of the individual, family, and other providers in order to establish meaningful goals for purpose-driven outcomes. I love building relationships with my clients and their families, and it is a privilege to watch them grow and learn over time! I feel so fortunate to have found a path so fulfilling and rewarding.


As a mother of two young children, no time is exactly “spare”! My family loves to camp in our old pop-up trailer, explore different parts of Colorado and beyond, and cook big meals together. When I find some alone time, I love to read novels, spend time with friends, and dabble in different craft and home-improvement projects. 

Jessie Gortsema, M.S., CCC-SLP


Before becoming an SLP, I worked at a group home for neurodiverse adults with complex communication needs. It was there that I developed a passion for supporting individuals in becoming more independent by being able to advocate for themselves, express their needs, and actively participate in their community.


At Florida State University, I studied under a federal grant geared toward research and training in autism and related diagnoses. My experience there led me to working with children and families in the community, volunteering at local transition programs, and working alongside job coaches to promote language and regulation skills in workplace settings.

The past two years, I have worked in Utah as an SLP at a K-12 school designed to support neurodiverse students. I served on the Utah Assistive Technology Team, where I helped to support students using communication systems and a variety of assistive technology. I am passionate about making therapy functional and using client strengths to help individuals reach their fullest potential. 

In my free time, I can likely be found reading a book, watching Harry Potter, or taking my dog hiking and camping with me throughout Colorado.

Molly Anderson, M.S., OTR/L

As an Occupational Therapist (OT) and disability advocate, I want individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be able to (if they choose/desire to) attend college, be employed, increase independence, socialize and network with others, gain life skills, and most importantly feel like they aren’t limited because of their disability. 

I am passionate about collaborating with these individuals to determine ways to create opportunities to participate in meaningful occupations. 

IMG_2717 (1).JPG

At the University of Missouri, I was a graduate assistant at the Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. There, I was a member of a clinical assessment team that provided recommendations for families and determined low risk signs of autism in children and adolescents. I also assisted with a life skills group, picky eaters as well as individual treatments for children with various diagnoses. I began to realize that there was a gap in services provided during post secondary transition. I quickly became passionate about figuring out ways to bridge that gap and change how society views these individuals through creativity, collaboration, and advocacy. 

I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago but my love for the outdoors and photography brought me to Colorado. In my free time you can find me outside whether that’s skiing, hiking, boating, walking my dog, playing games or traveling. 

Laurie Finnegan, MSW, LSW

LFinnegan Photo.jpg

Laurie believes that safety, abundance, authentic expression, and belonging are foundational to mental wellness. Laurie partners with clients to harness their inherent wisdom and power to lead a fulfilling life that is aligned with their values. 


In addition to personal experience as a neurodivergent individual, Laurie has over 10 years of professional experience supporting members of the neurodiverse community, ranging from job coaching and training to school social work. Laurie earned her Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees from Loyola University Chicago, with a specialization in Leadership Development and Nonprofit Management. Laurie is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) and School Social Worker, and anticipates becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in October 2022. In her free time, Laurie enjoys spending time in nature with friends and family, including her dog Buddy and cat Zora, and playing games and guitar. Read more about Laurie’s therapeutic perspectives below: 

As a Neurodiversity-Affirming provider, Laurie maintains that thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors are natural adaptive responses to an individual’s environment or social context, rather than disorders resulting from internal deficits or chemical imbalances. Following a non-pathologizing, strengths-based approach, Laurie challenges the traditional medical model that views client issues as deficits that require intensive intervention, and instead views them as unique differences to be celebrated or survival responses to be accommodated. Laurie values the importance of a holistic approach, pairing modification of the social context and environment with therapeutic and behavioral intervention. 


As a Social Worker, Laurie utilizes a systems perspective to carefully analyze the impacts of the social context at all levels of influence, and collaborates with clients to identify and address barriers to meaningful accessibility and inclusion. She partners with clients to explore impacts of power, privilege, oppression, scarcity, and ableism using a disability justice lens. 


As a Trauma-Informed therapist, Laurie believes that unaddressed trauma and a lack of nervous system attunement can perpetuate illness and unease. After studying the various ways in which trauma affects the body and nervous system, Laurie partners with clients to discover and attend to their bodies’ unique needs, and lessen the impacts of trauma, scarcity, and the cycle of harm.

Nathan Mutchnick, M.S., CCC-SLP

Profile coming soon! 


Winnie, Professional Smile-Giver

Winnie is Beth's sweet, snuggly old pup who often accompanies her to the office.


She is a 10 years old Beagle-Whippet mix, loves pets and treats, squeaks when she has dreams, and knows a few tricks. She loves to show off! Give her a biscuit and ask her to spin. She'll be your best friend.


Hiking and hanging out at the crag while Beth and Dillon climb are her favorite activities, but she also loves anything outdoors. 

At the office, Winnie can most often be found cuddling with whoever she can!

All of our therapists are passionate, compassionate, and have advanced training in their respective disciplines. Currently, Gather and Grow consists of a knowledgeable team of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and behavioral health providers with a vision toward providing comprehensive care in the areas of neurofeedback and other alternative therapies. 

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