Beth Wolf, M.S., CCC-SLP

Beth Wolf is the founder and director of Gather and Grow Therapy Services, LLC. She has been working in service of people with neurodevelopmental disabilities since 2009 and has intentionally cultivated expertise in autism and related disorders. Her passion is teaming with and empowering people across the spectrum. 


As a speech-language pathologist, Beth understands the intricately woven relationship that binds communication, emotional regulation, sensory processing, and behavior. She uses systematic analysis and continuous assessment to uncover unique learning style. Treating symptoms is ineffective. Investigating and supporting root cause is life-changing.


Gather and Grow Therapy Services, LLC is a passion project stemming from a gap in high-quality service delivery across the age span. Beth especially loves working with clients who are going through transitional phases of life. She believes it is her calling is to develop collaborative relationships with individuals, families, and communities to discover and uncover the amazing strengths that can be hidden by a diagnosis.  

Beth is inspired by her younger brother, Charlie, who daily reminds her to slow down, that the best time is time spent just hanging out. And that teddy bears are "stuffed" after dinner. He's got the best jokes.

Experience and Training

  • Expertise in unique adolescent through adult issues with experience in middle, high school, and transition programs​

  • Specialized AAC training through the Children's Hospital of Colorado's Talking with Technology program

  • Project ASSET federal grant recipient with training in FGRBI


Our Therapists

All of our therapists are passionate, compassionate, and have advanced training in their respective disciplines. Currently, Gather and Grow consists of a knowledgeable team of speech-language pathologists and employment cultivation specialists with a vision toward providing comprehensive care in the areas of occupational therapy, mental health counseling, and alternative therapies. 

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