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Our Philosophy

Let us work together to shift perspectives. Autism, ADHD, and related neurodevelopmental disabilities have for so long been viewed by through a deficit-based lens. While it is important to understand and anticipate challenges, picking out one tree and calling it the forest is not helpful. Our task is to take in the whole landscape. We teach through building relationship, focusing on strengths, acknowledging challenges, and respecting uniqueness.


let's gather and together we'll grow


We understand that social communication, emotional regulation, sensory processing, and behavior are intricately intertwined systems that exist in relationship with one another. 


If we choose to see behavior as an expression of communication and regulation, it becomes clear that we cannot simply "eliminate" undesired behavior without negatively impacting another system. 


We partner with you to understand your unique learning style and underlying challenges. We then use strengths to build more effective communication and regulation patterns. 


Our therapeutic practices are innovative and based in scientific principles, drawing from the latest research to provide the highest quality of services possible. Our therapists are highly credentialed.


We understand the distinctive issues associated with transitional phases of life and specialize in working with clients and families who are experiencing, anticipating, or recovering from change.

Schedule a Free Consultation

The best way to learn more is to chat with us! 

Schedule a Free Consultation

The best way to learn more is to chat with us! 

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