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Summer Camp
NEW Offerings This Summer!

You asked and we've heard you! We are now offering therapy camps for elementary age students in addition to our popular teen and tween adventure camps. All camps are led by our team of nationally recognized therapists. 

Our teen and tween Adventure Camps are structured as a full, weeklong adventure, complete with an overnight tent camping opportunity that is perfect for campers who have never slept away and the seasoned camper alike. In Adventure Camp, we will continue to focus on building friendship within the context of outdoor exploration, including activities like rock climbing, paddle boarding, and an overnight campout experience. All while building social-communication, emotional regulation, motor, and executive functioning skills to increase resiliency and create a sense of belonging - both with each other and in the outdoor space. Tweens may range from ages 10-13 and Teen Camp is available to 13-16 year olds. Overlap of ages across Tween and Teen groups is intentional as we have found that placement works best when considering factors including goals, maturity, personality, and interests.

Our elementary age Therapy Camps are 1/2 day intensive language, communication, and regulation focused groups for kiddos looking to make friends and have fun! We are offering Language Partner and Conversational Partner groups. Our Language Partners are learning skills like: engagement in group activities, social and emotional vocabulary, awareness of others' needs, collaborative problem solving, and more. Conversational Partners will focus on: growing awareness of another's thoughts, feelings, and perspective; inferencing, sarcasm, and nonliteral language; reading and responding to nonverbal body language; and more. 

See below for our Therapy Camp Flyer or Adventure Camp Flyer with more information.

Ready to commit? Fill out our Registration to put down a deposit and reserve your camper's spot! 

Therapy Camp 2023 Flyer.png
Dates and Times:

Language Partner: June 19-23rd; 10a thru 2p

Conversation Partner: July 17-21st; 10a-2p

All campers must be able to take basic, unassisted turns in a group setting. Please let us know if you would like a referral to a camp for kiddos learning to take turns as we have some amazing friends offering camp opportunities that target different skills!

Therapy Camp Flyer
Adventure Camp 2023 Flyer.png
Dates and Times:

Tween: June 19-22nd; 9a-3p (-ish, depending on activities*), June 23rd-24th overnight

Teen: July 17-20th; 9a-3p (-ish, depending on activities*); July 21st-22nd overnight

All campers must be independently safe in the community. Please let us know if you would like a referral to a camp for kiddos learning to be safe in the community as we have some amazing friends offering camp opportunities that target different skills!

*Camp schedule with any variance in end times due to activity length will be sent out 1 month prior to camp 

Adventure Camp Flyer

Camp Registration


By registering my camper, I understand that I must complete an intake interview to determine eligibility for camp in order to ensure that the camp structure and support are a match for my unique child's needs. 

I authorize for my credit card to be charged for deposit fees that are only refundable if the therapy team determines that camp is not a fit for my child. 


I understand that, while other funding sources such as insurance or Imagine's ASD Program may cover part or all of camp, I am ultimately responsible for the full cost of camp. I also understand that it is my responsibility to provide the GGTS team with prior authorization from external funding sources a minimum of 2 weeks prior to camp in order to bill any external funding sources for part or all of camp. 

Select an item ($)

*Pre-paid registration through the Imagine! ASD program or other funding source should be handled directly with our office.

Thanks you for reserving your child's camp experience! We are so excited!!
We will touch base shortly to schedule an intake interview.
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